INTERIOR  (hourly rate $30 – $40)

wall and ceiling repair:

water stains sealed, damaged areas replaced
cracks repaired with fiberglass tape and joint compound

wallpaper removal, small wallpapering jobs

painting woodwork, doors, windows, cabinets, painted floors

preparation of surfaces to be painted, as needed:

remove fixtures, cover furnishings, mask adjacent surfaces
clean, bleach mildewed areas
repair damaged areas
scraping and sanding, deglossing
caulk cracks and fill holes
seal stains and prime with the appropriate materials

binding doors adjusted, window sash cords replaced

staining and varnishing

refinishing small oak floors

floor spattering and faux finishes

EXTERIOR  (hourly rate $40 – $50)

gutter cleaning, oiling wood gutters

screen and storm window repair

window glazing

shutters repaired

caulking and weatherstripping

rust treatment and repair

some carpentry and rot repair

pressure-washing decks, fences, walkways, siding, furniture

door sills sanded and varnished